Genetron Health and EdiGene Reached Strategic Cooperation, and Tumor Database Assisted in Targeted Treatment

Release time:2019-04-02

On April 2, 2019, Genetron Heath (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Genetron Health”) and EdiGene (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “EdiGene”) reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two companies will cooperate on precise targets related to cancer diagnosis and treatment with the high-throughput genomic screening platform of EdiGene and large tumor database and analysis platform of Genetron Health.

Genetron Health and EdiGene Reached Strategic Cooperation, and Tumor Database Assisted in Targeted Treatment

'Currently in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, there is big potential in identifying clinical therapeutic targets. Genetron Health has accumulated tens of thousands of tumor data covering high-incidence cancers in China, and is complementary to EdiGene with internationally innovative technology. We hope that by working together we can provide more partners with full-cycle services, thusly benefiting cancer patients,' said Mr. Hai Yan, Professor at Duke University, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Genetron Health.

 “The real-world sample data helps us to select targets for better therapeutic performance, and the high-throughput genome editing & screening platform makes it possible for us to capture and analyze massive native functional biological data. It is conducive to the discovery of more potential targets.” Dr. Dong Wei, CEO of EdiGene, said: “More importantly, Genetron Health has a comprehensive and advanced sequencing technology platform, leading biological data output and analytical capabilities. It has laid a solid foundation for our long-term cooperation in the future.'

With many years of accumulation in cancer gene detection, Genetron Health can provide pharmaceutical companies and other partners with target screening, clinical trial design and implementation, and full-cycle cooperation for companion development.

 Biomarker Development: After years of data accumulation, with nearly 100,000 high-incidence cancer data from China, Genetron Health can provide comprehensive data services for CRO, pharmaceutical and other customers, as well as offer ideas on targeted and new drug development and verification.

 Clinical trial design and implementation: Considering drug development needs, Genetron Health can provide integrated solutions from trial protocol consultation and design, assisting in recruitment of appropriate patients, efficient and accurate molecular and immunoassay services, to final data mining.

 Companion Diagnostic Development: Genetron Health has extensive experience in the development and registration of medical apparatus and instruments, IVD kits, and can provide integrated diagnostic kit development services for pharmaceutical customers to help develop efficient IVD products.

About EdiGene

Founded in 2015, EdiGene Inc. is headquartered in Beijing and has offices in Guangzhou China and Cambridge, USA. With a technology and production development platform with independent intellectual property rights, EdiGene is committed to transforming cutting-edge genome editing technology into a cure for genetic diseases and cancer, and using innovative high-throughput genome screening technology to generate functional biological data to speed up new drug development.

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