Genetron Health Passed CAP Expert Field Review

Release time:2019-05-15

Genetron Health (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. NGS Laboratory successfully passed the biennial expert field review of CAP (College of American Pathologists) on May 15, 2019. By the beginning of the year, Genetron Health has passed the CAP's Proficiency Testing (PT, also known as the external quality assessment) for three years, and once again received recognition and praise of international authoritative laboratory certification body.

As early as in 2017, CAP experts conducted a full-day on-site review of Genetron Health for the first time, and highly applauded Genetron Health (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. NGS Laboratory having passed the CAP certification with the best score in the shortest time; Also in this review, CAP expert Dr. Hunt once again acknowledged Genetron Health, stating that Genetron Health Lab is well-equipped, laboratory team and quality management team being professional, fully meeting the CAP requirements. During the review process, she repeatedly commented 'very good'.

This on-site review was based on the 20180822 edition of All Common Checklist, Laboratory General Checklist, Molecular Pathology Checklist, and Director Assessment Checklist. The reviewers conducted a comprehensive and detailed examination on the laboratory and the quality management system, including: pre-analysis, analysis, post-analysis, indoor quality control, proficiency testing, personnel management, instrument and equipment management, sample management, reagent storage and quality inspection, QC indicators, laboratory environment and cross-contamination prevention, qualification of laboratory director, etc., in accordance with the checklists.

Excellent result comes from Genetron Health's insistence on quality control, which is a whole-cycle quality control system consisting of the '6 quality control nodes, 5 dimensions for control, and 3 set of quality control strategies': at all key nodes pre, during and after analysis, we all have strict quality control and double check; all aspects of 'People, Equipment/Instruments, Materials, Methods, Environment' are managed; strict indoor quality control are practiced, a clear and down-to-earth standard operating procedures are followed to ensure accuracy and promptness of each sample test. Genetron will always prioritize high quality standard, dealing with each sample with professional, serious and responsible attitude.

About CAP

CAP is abbreviated for the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a non-profit organization that is a consortium of clinical laboratory scientists and pathologists and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in medical lab quality assurance. CAP is dedicated to the standardization and improvement of clinical laboratory procedures, advocating high quality and cost-effective health care services, exerting more impact than any other organization, and is therefore considered as a laboratory quality assurance leader and authoritative lab governance and certification body.

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