Adhering to High Quality Standards – Genetron Health Successfully Passed the CAP NGSST-A 2019 Proficiency Testing

Release time:2020-02-08

Recently, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) published the evaluation report of the PT (Proficiency Testing) NGSST-A 2019 in the first half of 2019, and Genetron Health successfully passed the tests. To date, Genetron Health had passed CAP Proficiency Testing projects for four consecutive years.

The NGSST consists of three samples’ testing involving 66 loci of 11 tumor-associated genes, and the positive loci involve a total of nine tumor-driven genes (BRAF/KIT/PDGFRA/IDH1/KRAS/ERBB2/NRAS/PIK3CA/EGFR), which is an NGS test specifically for solid tumors. A total of 252 laboratories around the world participated in the testing, and 195 laboratories received feedback on valid results. For this testing, the whole process is carried out by using a large panel of Genetron Health. The process covers the whole process of experimental operation, biological information analysis and interpretation of results, and the detection result of Genetron Health is completely consistent with the standard given by CAP.

CAP results

Genetron Health Medical Laboratory passed the certifications of CAP (College of American Pathologists) and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) with full score, successfully passed the NGSST project for 4 consecutive years and successfully passed the biennial expert field review. These are inseparable from the full-cycle quality control system in the laboratory that strictly adheres to six quality control nodes, five dimensions and three quality control strategies. The lab is responsible for each sample to ensure that each report is accurate. Genetron Health will continue to adhere to the philosophy of Quality Comes First and maintain the leading quality control ability to guarantee the quality of each testing.

Genetron Health CAP-PT Memorabilia

2019.07 CAP NGSST-A 2019 mutation test passed

2019.04 CAP NGS-B 2018 mutation test passed

2019.01 CAP NGSST-B 2018 mutation test passed

2018.07 CAP NGSST-A 2018 mutation test passed

2018.05 CAP NGS-B 2017 mutation test passed

2018.02 CAP NGSST-B 2017 mutation test passed

2017. 11 CAP NGS-A 2017 mutation test passed

2017.08 CAP NGSST-A 2017 mutation test passed

2017.04 CAP NGSST-B2016 mutation test passed

2017.04 CAP BRAF-B2016 mutation test passed

2017.03 CAP KRAS-B2016 mutation test passed

2016.12 CAP EGFR-B2016 mutation test passed

About CAP

CAP is abbreviated for the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a non-profit organization that is a consortium of clinical laboratory scientists and pathologists and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in medical lab quality assurance. CAP is dedicated to the standardization and improvement of clinical laboratory procedures, advocating high quality and cost-effective health care services, exerting more impact than any other organization, and is therefore considered as a laboratory quality assurance leader and authoritative lab governance and certification organization.

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