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Release time:2016-10-30

Genetron Health announced on April 25, 2016 the introduction of Illumina HiSeq X Ten, the world’s most efficient sequencing system with the highest capacity, to meet the rapidly growing clinical diagnosis, treatment and research demand of enterprises.

It is reported that Genetron Health has established a globally advanced and diversified testing technique platform and bio-information analysis platform. It has also set up two R&D centers in North Carolina, the US and Beijing, China, 3 clinical laboratoties in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, with a total area of above 8,000 square meters, and sales centers covering business in north, south, east and southwest China. Thanks to its powerful genomic research strength and efficient transformation of such technologies to clinical use, Genetron Health is a global forerunner in targeted health services. The Illumina HiSeq X Ten system will allow it to launch an even more powerful project called “cancer gene testing system”, so that Genetron Health can make its due contributions to targeted diagnosis and treatment based on cancer genes, and serve both Chinese and global research institutes and clinical clients.

Genetron Health will keep enhancing its full-genome sequencing capability, splitting its focus on both medical research and clinical applications.

One of the first genetic technology firm providing targeted cancer diagnosis and treatment services in China, Genetron Health has been focusing on both medical research and clinical applications from the start. After years of unremitting efforts, Genetron Health has cultivated powerful research capability and produced various clinical products for diagnosis and treatment. As China’s first innovative company whose services cover the full cycle of cancer diagnosis and treatment, including genetic risk assessment, early screening, molecular-level pathological diagnosis, post-operative monitoring and treatment, and the first to effectively combine genetic sequencing and targeted immunotherapy, Genetron Health aims at assisting medical experts by providing cancer patients and vulnerable people reliable molecular-level diagnoses and treatments, as well as professional genetic risk assessment of cancer.

Deeming scientific research and product R&D as the spirit and core competence of the firm, Genetron Health has been devoting its efforts to this field of study unremittingly. What’s worth mentioning is Genetron Health’s research team’s over 20 years of experience in the genetic study of cancer and clinical applications of such techniques, as well as dozens of top-grade research articles they published and world’s leading patented products/technologies they developed. By cooperating with top Chinese cancer hospitals and research institutes in recent two years, it has published 6 articles on Nature Genetics and other world top academic journals. In the meantime, it has formed a long-term partnership with America’s 2 most authoritative cancer research institutes—Duke University and John Hopkins University, which grant Genetron Health the world’s latest information on cancer research. By conducting in-depth cooperation with the Cancer Genomics Lab and Brain Cancer Research Center of Duke University and forming an exclusive strategic partnership with Personal Genomic Diagnostics, a genetic testing company founded by professor Bert Vogelstein at John Hopkins University, Genetron Health takes the lead in developing domestic and global molecular-level diagnosis and treatment technologies for cancer.

According to Hai Yan, the chief scientist of Genetron Health and an outstanding professor at Duke University in the US, 'The HiSeq X Ten system's powerful sequencing capacity enables Genetron Health to further conduct high-quality, high-coverage full-genome sequencing, bringing about new breakthroughs and deeper insights about the research on human genomes. In the future, Genetron Health will continue its in-depth cooperation with various hospitals and research institutes and put genetic and clinical big data into more practical use—benefiting patients and people concerning about health issues. While better serving its clients, Genetron Health seeks for new discoveries and breakthroughs in the research of cancer and complicated diseases in China. '

International perspectives and global layout enable Genetron Health to extensively develop the Chinese market

Sizhen Wang, CEO of Genetron Health, indicated that 'as Genetron Health's R&D and production center in Beijing and the R&D center in the North Carolina Research Triangle Park (RTP), also known as America's ' East Silicon Valley', began to operate, the key investment in cutting-edge genetic sequencing technologies further empowers Genetron Health. By joining force with world-class sequencing firms, tech companies and pharmaceutical corporations, and employing our strength in transforming such technologies to medical applications, we will keep supporting China's cancer research and serving cancer patients.'

Composed of international experts in cancer genetics, molecular biology, bio-information, pharmacology, clinical pathology, clinical medicine and other fields of study, Genetron Health’s diversified team managed to form a cross-discipline coordination system meeting international standards to deliver targeted cancer diagnoses and treatments. In the meantime, the firm’s collaboration with Duke University and John Hopkins University has also helped it complete global layouts efficiently. Besides, Genetron Health has also established a globally advanced and diversified molecular testing technology platform and bio-information analysis platform, as well as two R&D centers in the US and China, not to mention its cooperation with top Chinese and American pharmaceutical firms and other institutes on clinical application, research and data analysis. Furthermore, Genetron Health has always been designing its products based on international frameworks and prospects, i.e. our molecular diagnosis services and reagent kits are designed according to global standards, which are more suitable for the Chinese and international market.

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