2014 Top 10 Award Series of Zhongguancun Technology Park

Release time:2015-04-10

On April 10th, 2015, the award ceremony for 2014 Top 10 Award Series of Zhongguancun Technology Park was held at Hubei Building in Beijing. Awards such as 'Top 10 People of the Year', “Top 10 Brands of the Year”, “Top 10 Innovations of the Year” were given out after four months of intensive selection and evaluation by industry experts. They were evaluated based on entrepreneurship, brand image, innovation, and press releases in 2014. As one of the major centers for technology and innovation in China, Zhongguancun Technology Park's annual Top 10 Award Series has become one of the most influential marketing campaign and receives wide public attention. Through this campaign, the industry leaders at Zhongguancun, their company brands and products would gain great public recognition.

The annual 'Top 10 Innovation Award' is the best snapshot of the year’s technological trend in China. Since 2012, biomedical-related innovation has grown from only two to more than half of the top 10 list in just 2 years. This is a reflection of the government's effort in promoting the biomedical industry especially precision-based medicine. The biomedical industry and technologies are experiencing a rapid growth in China. Notably, Genetron Health, a young company founded less than a year and a half ago, has already earned its place in the 'Top 10 Innovations of the Year' with its world-leading precision cancer diagnostic technology.

Early this year, President Obama of the United States has launched the Precision Medicine Initiative. It was followed by the first meeting in precision-based medicine in China held by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology in March. According to their press release, China plans to invest 60 billion yuan by the end of 2030 into the advancement of precision-based medicine as a part of the grand national development in China. The biomedical industry in China will continue its rapid growth thanks to the supports from the government.

On the other hand, as an international company dedicated in cancer precision diagnostics and translational research, Genetron Health also earned the title of 'Top 10 Startups of the Year'. Genetron Health was not only recognized for its cutting-edge technology, but it was also acknowledged for its high potentials as a young startup company by both the industry and the government. We shall look forward to Genetron Health’s future contribution to the advancement of precision-based medicine in China.

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