Genetron Health Joins Ping An Health Group – A Revolution in Genetic Testing

Release time:2015-12-08

December 2015 – Genetron Health officially joins Ping An Health’s market place. Users of the market place can now get in touch directly with Genetron Health’s products at Ping An Health’s local stores. Through the market place’s user-intuitive services and secure payments, users can enjoy the ease of genetic testing more than ever. This marks the day that Genetron Health's cancer risk assessment technology truly meets the general public.

Revolutionized Payment: Non-cash Ping An Pay

Ping An Pay Service: Users can now pay with their Health Cards at Ping An-collaborated stores. This avoids cash payments and insurance reimbursement procedures. The transactions are synchronized directly to the users’ accounts.

Ping An Insurance issues a Health Card to every user, which serves as an identification and the balance is synchronized to the user's health insurance account.

Users of Ping An Health can use the card’s easy payment to purchase Genetron Health's genetic testing services while enjoy VIP services provided by the company.

Revolutionized Consumer Channels: Physical Stores, Web-based Services, Mobile Platforms

To better serve our customers, Genetron Health has diversified its consumer channels to meet the different habits of our customers. Consumers are able to get in touch with Genetron Health through local stores, via the web, and also from mobile platforms. Genetron Health wishes to better serve our customers by adjusts itself according to the market trend and analyzes different marketing channels to seamlessly cover every aspect of the market.

Revolutionized Management of Personal Health: From Treating to Preventing

Cancers are preventable. Cancer is the product of complex interactions between the genome and the environment in which we are living. Therefore, by recognizing risk factors associated with cancer, one can effectively avoid cancer through changes in lifestyle.

Certain populations are genetically pre-disposed to cancer. There are a number of genetic polymorphisms that increases risk of cancer. In addition, some acquired mutations may further contribute to cancer risks. Genetic analysis is the best strategy available for personal health care management. It provides invaluable information in predicting the health of an individual through the understanding of one's unique genetic makeup.  Moreover, the analysis data offer insights for personal health care management, which can be effectively used in preventing cancer.

CanGermline is the fruitful product of research efforts from many internationally-acclaimed institutes (WHO, NIH, Cancer Research UK, IARC). It provides the most comprehensive cancer prevention guideline to manage your health more effectively.

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