Product Overview
  • Risk Assessment of 162 Types of Medical Conditions

    Information about the presence or absence of deleterious germline mutations in disease susceptibility genes and associated risks of developing hereditary medical conditions.
    4 types of infectious diseases, 3 types of skeletomuscular disorders, 7 types of respiratory disorders, 6 types of urinary disorders, 20 types of autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency, 11 types of endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders, 1 type of skin disease, 12 types of neurological disorders, 10 types of gastrointestinal diseases, 13 types of cardiovascular diseases, 1 type of blood disorder, 6 types of otolaryngologic conditions and 68 types of cancer syndromes.

  • 50 Types of Genetic Traits

    Information about personal traits, physical and metabolic characteristics.
    13 metabolic characteristics, 3 physical traits, 5 personality traits, 8 traits about dietary preferences, 10 traits about nutritional requirements and 11 traits about athletic performance.

  • 66 Types of Drugs

    Information about drug metabolism to plan precision medicine guideline accordingly for better treatment outcomes.
    2 types of endocrine and metabolic drugs, 2 types of immunosuppressive drugs, 3 types of respiratory drugs, 14 types of psychiatric drugs, 7 types of antibiotics, 5 types of anti-inflammatory drugs, 10 types of cancer drugs, 3 types of neurological disorder medications, 1 type of gastrointestinal drug, 15 types of cardiovascular drugs and 4 other drugs.

  • 3985 Types of Single Gene Disorder

    Information about the risks of developing autosomal recessive disorders to better understand personal health status and provide family planning references.
    281 types of skeletal disorders, 13 types of respiratory disorders, 54 types of connective tissue diseases, 84 types of urinary disorders, 178 types of autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency, 129 types of endocrine diseases, 179 types of skin diseases, 1011 types of neurological disorders, 56 types of reproductive disorders, 127 types of ciliary diseases, 35 types of gastrointestinal diseases, 202 types of cardiovascular diseases, 168 types of blood disorders, 444 types of otolaryngologic conditions, 493 types of hereditary metabolic disorders and 531 other types of clinical conditions.

Screening Coverage:

20,000 genes; 13,000,000bps

Lab Turnaround Time: 15 business days
Sample Requirement: Saliva
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Why Choose Us

Fully map personal genetic blueprints and build a family genetic map

A new generation of high-throughput sequencing platform, the U.S. standard for clinical testing

Gene database suitable for Chinese

One-to-one report interpretation, green channel for medical treatment

Who Is This Product For

People who care about their health

Population with a history of genetic diseases

Pregnancy group

People with discomfort in various organs

People facing high pressure at work and in life

People who have smoking and drinking habits

People with irregular  living patterns

People who lack exercise

Report Overview

 Disease risk test results

Precise medication guidelines

Trait gene test results

Single gene disease test result

Disease prevention, physical examination program

Health management plan

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