Who We Are
Who We Are

Gene defines who we are.

The Father of Evolution Charles Darwin and his Theory of Pangenesis laid the foundation for modern genetics and gave rise to the term ‘Pangene’.

Today, Pangene which means 泛生子 in Chinese epitomizes our brand and who we are. Genetron Health is 泛生子.

Genetron Health is a leading and fast-growing precision oncology company in China that is committed to provide a one-stop, multi-scenario genomic profiling solutions in areas including early cancer screening, diagnosis and monitoring as well as biopharmaceutical services. It has successfully developed seven NMPA-approved clinical sequencing platforms and gene assays. Partnering over 500 hospitals along with several pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, Genetron Health has built an extensive proprietary genomic database to deliver comprehensive genomic testing services. The company has R&D centers located in the United States and China, two manufacturing facilities in China and five clinical laboratories in Beijing (CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited), Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Guangzhou. Its world-class team of scientists has also published many research papers in prestigious scientific journals worldwide.


Healing cancer through consistent exploration and innovation in cancer genomics.


Defeat cancer, protect life.

Core Values

Let our actions be responsible towards people's health and well-being.

Our Leadership Team
  • Sizhen Wang
    Sizhen Wang
    Sizhen Wang
    Chief Executive Officer

    With extensive interdisciplinary entrepreneurial experience and corporate management capabilities, he has 20 years of experience in Internet communication, finance and bio-medical industry.

    ◆ Co-founded iTalkBB in 2004, which business covers millions of users around the world and has grew to become the leading Internet communication brand among Chinese communities in North America and Australia

    ◆ 7 years of working experience in the banking industry for Capital One and GD Capital

    ◆ MBA, HEC Paris School of Management

  • Hai Yan
    Hai Yan
    Hai Yan
    Chief Scientific Officer

    Henry S. Friedman Professor of Neuro-Oncology at Duke University Medical Center; member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI). His research field covers the discovery of various cancer driver genes related to the development of malignant tumors, mutation function research and targeted therapy.

    ◆ A pioneer in early cancer screening, molecular typing, targeted therapy and immunotherapy research; first to discover a series of glioma-related oncogenes, such as IDH1/2, TERT, CIC, FUBP1, PPM1D, SMARCAL1, etc.
    ◆ The inventor of BEAMing technology which has become a core technology for cfDNA detection such as digital PCR; was also first used in the field of cancer liquid biopsy.

    ◆ Published more than 100 papers, including in international authoritative academic journals such as NEJM, Science, Nature, and has applied for 18 US patents.

    ◆Won the only scientific team award from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in 2014 and the Distinguished Professor Award at the Duke University School of Medicine in 2017.

    ◆ Ph.D. of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Columbia University; Postdoctoral Fellow of Johns Hopkins University under the tutelage of Professor Bert Vogelstein.

  • Kevin Hong
    Kevin Hong
    Kevin Hong
    Chief Operating Officer

    Over 16 years of experience in market operations and management in the healthcare and medical industry.

    ◆ General Manager of China and Vice President of North Asia for C. R. Bard Inc.; responsible for founding and leading Bard’s functions in North Asia.

    ◆ Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson Medical China and Director of the Surgery Department of Johnson & Johnson Medical China; responsible for department’s P&L and management.

    ◆ MBA, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester.

  • Yuchen Jiao
    Yuchen Jiao
    Yuchen Jiao
    Chief Technology Officer

    He has long been committed to the research of cancer genomics and its non-invasive biopsy technology.

    ◆ Completed genomic studies of various tumors such as pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, and found new mutations related to telomere maintenance such as ATRX and TERT, which were listed as important markers by the WHO classification of tumours of the central nervous system.

    ◆ Published more than 20 research papers in Science, Nature Genetics, PNAS and other periodicals as the lead or correspondent author.

    ◆ Biological Chemistry doctor of Johns Hopkins Medicine, focusing on the mechanism of tumor genome and important cancer gene mutations in the team of world-renowned oncologist, Professor Bert Vogelstein.

  • Evan Xu
    Evan Xu
    Evan Xu
    Chief Financial Officer

    More than 12 years of working experience at several international investment banks.

    ◆ Director of the Investment Banking Division at Deutsche Bank AG, Hong Kong in 2016-2018.

    ◆ Executive Director of the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C from 2010 to 2016.

    ◆ Manager of Lehman Brothers (Hong Kong) and Nomura Securities in 2008-2010.

    ◆ Master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.

  • YunFu Hu
    YunFu Hu
    YunFu Hu
    Chief Medical Officer

    He has over two decades of experience in regulatory and managerial capacities related to medical devices and pharmaceutical industries.

    ◆ During his tenure at FDA, he has led a team of staff in premarket reviews and post-market compliance of IVD products and laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) for genetic testing, molecular cancer diagnostics, companion diagnostics, radiodosimetry, digital pathology and artificial intelligence devices. Some of his notable authorizations include: the first next generation sequencing (NGS)-based LDT as companion diagnostics (CDx) (Foundation Medicine FoundationFocus CDxBRCA); the first NGS-based CDx kit (ThermoFisher Oncomine Dx Target Test); the first NGS-based LDT for tumor profiling (MSK-IMPACT) and later on FoundationOne CDx); the first liquid biopsy test for NSCLC (Roche Cobas EGFR Mutation Test v2); and FDA’s only two approved cancer screening tests in the last decade (Exact Sciences’ Cologuard and Epigenomics’ Epi ProColon). Dr. Hu and his team have also won over 10 FDA-level group awards for outstanding contributions in FDA authorization of many such first-of-its-kind devices

    ◆ 10 years of product development experience in diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, leading his teams to achieve outstanding results in biomarker discovery and diagnostic development

    ◆ Ph.D. of Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology and M.S. of Reproductive Endocrinology,Ohio State University; Postdoctoral Fellow of Fox Chase Cancer Center

  • Victoria Lei
    Victoria Lei
    Victoria Lei
    Senior Vice President

    Victoria is a visionary global business leader with extensive management experience in a diversity of industries across North America and Asia. Her expertise has been well-demonstrated in the areas of experiential marketing with design thinking, business development and branding. Being a seasoned entrepreneur and a Fortune 500 corporate manager at different heights during her career, Victoria’s multi-faceted experience saw her leading many successful new product launches from conceptualization to delivery. She is especially accomplished in developing integrated branding and go-to-market growth strategies for high-tech products with deep knowledge in consumer insights.

    Victoria holds a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from the University of South Carolina and Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland. GMP from Harvard Business School.

    ◆ Successful entrepreneur.

    ◆ 18 years of experience in hospitality management, internet and life sciences industries.

  • Lin Teng
    Lin Teng
    Lin Teng
    Vice President

    With over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Lin Teng has strong interest and is passionately involved in cancer care research work. She has a proven track record of success in marketing and team management at top pharmaceutical companies focusing on oncology drugs.

    ◆ 7 years of experience in biomedical services sector, including with Roche and Eli-Lilly.

    ◆ Bachelor of Medicine, Shandong University.

  • Cathy Zhang
    Cathy Zhang
    Cathy Zhang
    Vice President

    With over 30 years of management experience at Fortune 500 companies, Cathy brings valuable knowledge and competence in overseas market expansion and team management to Genetron Health. She has led the Alcatel-Lucent’s overseas business operations. As part of Genetron Health’s senior management team, Cathy has spearheaded and participated in the successful wins of several major national and local government projects. She is also in charge of intellectual property rights and market entry strategies.

    ◆ Held key positions of sales and government affairs director as well as vice president of overseas markets at HP China, Ericsson, Alcatel.

    ◆ Shanghai Fudan University School of Management, University of Hong Kong MBA (International).

  • Kathleen Guo
    Kathleen Guo
    Kathleen Guo
    Vice President

    Kathleen is a well-rounded HR practitioner with extensive experience in banking, FMCG, logistics and consulting industries. She has demonstrated deep understanding and strong capability in organizational design, performance management, talent development, staff engagement, change management and HR transformation functions. She is also well-versed in talent pipeline, succession planning as well as corporate culture development.

    ◆ Over 20 years of experience in Human Resources. Prior to joining Genetron Health, she helmed the Human Resources Department at Standard Chartered Bank in China. During her eight years with the bank, she has worked closely with the country CEO and branch managers in rolling out HR initiatives across all 28 branches in China.

    ◆ Bachelor’s and master’s degree in biology, Peking University.

Our History
  • 2013

    Genetron Health founded

  • 2014

    Published two papers in the authoritative academic journal, Nature Genetics

  • 2015

    Formally established R&D center in North Carolina, USA

    Hangzhou Clinical Laboratory and Beijing Clinical Laboratory put into operation

    Published two papers in peer-reviewed journals of Cell Research and European Journal of Cancer

    Series A financing round

  • 2016

    Shanghai Clinical Laboratory put into operation

    Strategic cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific to establish a Precision Medicine Joint Development Center

    Published two papers in the renowned academic journals - Cell Research and Journal of Pathology

    Series B financing round

  • 2017

    3 IVD products approved by CFDA

    Chongqing Clinical Laboratory put into operation

    NGS platform was accredited by CAP and certified by CLIA

    Awarded the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

    Published a paper in The American Journal of Human Genetics

  • 2018

    Published three papers in distinguished academic journals - Cancer Cell and Nature Communications

    Pharmaceutical & CRO service was launched

    Series C financing round

  • 2019

    Published academic paper on early-stage cancer detection in the prestigious PNAS and launched Early Cancer Screening Service

    One-Step Seq Method granted patent

    GENETRON S5 and GENETRON Chef approved by NMPA

    Published paper in The Journal of Thoracic Oncology

    Guangzhou Clinical Laboratory went into operation

    New financing round

  • 2020

    GENETRON S2000 and the 8-gene Lung Cancer Assay approved by NMPA

    Actively involved in the drafting of China’s First Expert Consensus Statement on the Standardized Clinical Application of NGS Testing for Oncology



Core Strengths
  • Genetron Health  R&D System
    Genetron Health R&D System
    Genetron Health  R&D System

    Adhering to the full-cycle R&D concept of “exploration, discovery, application and change”, Genetron Health integrates world-class resources into the intensive research and exploration in the field of cancer. This is done with a clear goal in mind: to successfully transform scientific research to clinical treatment.

    R&D Teams:A dedicated team of nearly 200 interdisciplinary scientists and global leading medical consultants.

    R&D Resources:Two first-rate R&D centers in North Carolina and Beijing; Four clinical diagnostic laboratories with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou Chongqing and Guangzhou.

    R&D Achievements: Over 40 software copyrights and more than 20 patents are granted or currently under application.

  • Genetron Health  Quality Control System
    Genetron Health Quality Control System
    Genetron Health  Quality Control System

    Genetron Health has set up a complete and comprehensive quality management system to ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of laboratory test results. We have attained gold standards for our facilities and are widely recognized by international authorities.

    6 quality control checkpoints:sample reception, tumor purity review, nucleic acid quality inspection, library quality inspection, data quality control and report review.

    5 dimensions of control : systematic specification and management of personnel, instruments, consumables, methods and laboratory environment.

    3 sets of quality control strategies: indoor quality assessment throughout the inspection process, clear SOP and regular, comprehensive inter-room quality assessment.

  • Genetron Health  Service System
    Genetron Health Service System
    Genetron Health  Service System

    Genetron Health is committed to becoming a first-class medical service organization, establishing a multi-cancer, multi-stage, multi-field, humanized full-cycle service system, and has never stopped optimizing its service system to bring more comprehensive products and excellent services to users.

    Multi-cancer : Products and services cover brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, thyroid cancer and other common cancers.

    Multi-stage : Business areas include health management, cancer precision therapy, in vitro diagnostic products (IVD), research collaborations, and joint drug development.

    Humanization : Customer-oriented service concept and full-service experience of pre-test counselling, professional report and personal interpretation.

  • Genetron One Step Amplicon Technology
    Genetron One Step Amplicon Technology

    It requires only 5 minutes of manual operation to simplify the gene capture process to the PCR level and 1.5 hours to complete the one-step library building process. Two (2) days are all it takes from the receipt of samples to the issuance of test reports.

    This has not only effectively reduced the demand on samples but also the risk of cross-contamination between samples, making it an ideal option for independent test experiments in hospitals.

    Genetron One Step Amplicon Technology
  • Genetron CSF-ctDNA Diagnose
    Genetron CSF-ctDNA Diagnose

    Genetron CSF-ctDNA Diagnose can reflect the molecular changes in tumors more effectively and comprehensively as compared to single-site biopsy, thereby giving better results than that from blood ctDNA Diagnose. It can also perform dynamic monitoring of the whole course of brain tumor treatment and predict prognosis.

    The convenient, extensive and low-risk cerebrospinal fluid testing can be used as an alternative to stereotactic detection of brainstem tumors. In addition to brainstem glioma, Genetron CSF-ctDNA Diagnose also promises good adaptability in identifying other primary brain tumors that are in close contact with cerebrospinal fluid.

    Genetron CSF-ctDNA Diagnose
  • Genetron Ultra-deep Digital Sequencing
    Genetron Ultra-deep Digital Sequencing

    Genetron has independently developed the Ultra-deep Digital Sequencing(UDD-Seq) technology featuring a unique identity tag connector (Double Barcode) that achieves 0.1% detection sensitivity at 20,000 x sequencing depth as well as utilizing proprietary biometric deduplication algorithms (SSCS/DCS) to restore the original sample fragment in high precision, thus eliminating the detection of false positives.

    Genetron Ultra-deep Digital Sequencing

    GENETRON S5 is a new generation of semiconductor sequencer widely used in the field of gene detection because of its simple and straightforward workflow solutions, higher degree of automation and more flexible throughput.

    The semiconductor chip is lined with small holes, each of which is a sequencing reaction cell. When a magnetic bead covered by the monoclonal sequence enters the small hole, the sequencing reaction starts. Four bases are passed through in sequence. When the base is inserted, there is a release of H ions, which caused a change in pH level in the cuvette. The change in pH is induced by the sensor under the reaction cell, which in turn caused a change in potential and voltage, and is finally converted into base information.


    The biochip reader GENETRON 3D (Medical device registration number of the People’s Republic of China: YXZZ 20172400136) is a special clinical digital PCR application system in China, characterized by easy operation, flexible throughput, rapidness, high precision as well as wide clinical applications.

  • Genetron Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screen
    Genetron Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screen

    Genetron Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screen is a liquid biopsy method based on cfDNA and protein markers for the identification of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) from HBsAg-positive high-risk populations. The method makes full use of the research results of pancreatic liver cancer screening, based on protein markers, liver cancer-related high-frequency gene mutations, HBV integration and clinical information, using logistic regression algorithm to construct a liver cancer prediction model for the asymptomatic HBV carriers. The prospective liver cancer screening study demonstrated its excellent performance and it is an important step in the application of liquid biopsy technology to early tumor screening.

    Genetron Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screen
  • Human IDH1/TERT Promoter Mutation Detection Kit
    Human IDH1/TERT Promoter Mutation Detection Kit

    IDH1/TERT gene is closely related to molecular classification of glioma Glioma is a common primary tumor in the brain, accounting for 27% of all primary tumors of the central nervous system and 80% of all malignant tumors of the central nervous system. IDH1/TERT genes are closely related to the molecular classification of glioma.
    The testing technologies of IDH1/TERT gene detection kits have obvious advantages in clinical application. IDH1/TERT gene testing kits adopt the ARMS-qPCR (mutant block amplification system-polymerase chain reaction) technology, which is based on real-time fluorescence PCR platform and combines two technologies of specific primer and Taqman probe (fluorescence labeled probe). This technology has such characteristics as high specificity, high sensitivity, low cost, less time-consuming and simple operation as well as showing intuitive results.

    Human IDH1/TERT Promoter Mutation Detection Kit
  • GENETRON S2000
    GENETRON S2000

    GENETRON S2000 utilizes an innovative Flow Cell system which can support various sequencing modes, and an optimized optical and biochemical system that enables the whole sequencing process to be completed within a short period of time, offering the end users a simplified and streamlined sequencing experience.

    High-quality data: Rolling Circle Replication (RCR) technology employed in DNBSEQ library construction eliminate errors associated with PCR; Decreased duplicates; Reduced index hopping.

    Multiple output configuration: Mid/High output Flow Cell; Sigle/Dual-Flow Cell mode; Supports a range of read length.

    Easy-to-use platform: Portable/Automatic DNB loader; Integrated cartridge.

    A wide range of application: Targeted Sequencing, Whole-Exome Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing and more; Oncology, genetic disease, reproductive health, pathogenic microorganism test and more.

    GENETRON S2000
  • Eight-Gene Mutations Detection Kit
    Eight-Gene Mutations Detection Kit

    Eight-Gene Mutations Detection Kit (semiconductor sequencing technology) is a clinical diagnostic kit for lung cancer which based on the original one-step patented technology from Genetron Health and approved by NMPA. The eight genes, EGFR/ALK/ROS1/BRAF/KRAS/HER2/MET/PIK3CA,which related to targeted therapy closely in patients with non-small cell lung cancer can be detected with only 20ng DNA and 50ng RNA at one time. This Kit can detect 50 hotspot variants and 25 fusion gene types.

    Rapid detection: It takes only 1.5 hours to completed the construction of library.

    Low sample extraction: This kit just need a low sample extraction quantity for DNA and RNA, only 1-3 FFPE slices (tumor tissue content not less than 20%) to meet the requirements, to achieve a higher detection rate and to benefit more patients.

    Simple and convenient operation: only 15 minutes of manual operation, just one-step PCR process can reduce cross-contamination as much as possible, standardize easily, It is suitable for hospitals to carry out tests independently.

    Eight-Gene Mutations Detection Kit
  • To be continued
    To be continued

    To be continued

    To be continued
Corporate Social
  • Genetron teams up with cancer advocate to support
    children with brain tumors

    In October 2018, Genetron partnered “Sunflower Children”,
    a children's cancer public welfare organization founded by Zhizhong Li,
    to officially launch the “Free Detection of Molecular Classification of Children's Medulloblastoma” project.

  • Genetron officially became the new charity partner of
    the Belt and Road Fraternity Fund

    On the 71st World Red Cross Day on May 8, 2019,
    the Red Cross’ Belt and Road seminar with the theme of “When you smile,
    the world becomes beautiful” was held in Shanghai.

Qualification &
  • CAP Certificate
    CAP Certificate
  • CLIA Certificate
    CLIA Certificate
  • Practicing License of Beijing Genetron Health Clinical Laboratories
    Practicing License of Beijing Genetron Health Clinical Laboratories
  • Practicing License of Hangzhou Genetron Health Clinical Laboratories
    Practicing License of Hangzhou Genetron Health Clinical Laboratories
  • Practicing License of Chongqing Jinchuangfansheng Clinical Laboratories
    Practicing License of Chongqing Jinchuangfansheng Clinical Laboratories
  • Practicing License of Shanghai Jinchuang Clinical Laboratories
    Practicing License of Shanghai Jinchuang Clinical Laboratories
  • Practicing License of Guangzhou Genetron Health Clinical Laboratories
    Practicing License of Guangzhou Genetron Health Clinical Laboratories
  • Production Licence of Medlical Instrument
    Production Licence of Medlical Instrument
  • ISO 9001 Certificate
    ISO 9001 Certificate
  • ISO13485 Certificate
    ISO13485 Certificate
  • One-step Patent Certificate
    One-step Patent Certificate

National High-Tech Enterprise

Participant in the 13th Five-Year Science and Technology Major Project

Beijing Patent Pilot Unit

Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base

Beijing Biomedical Industry Leap-Forward Development Project (G20 Project) - Reserve Enterprise

Beijing Top 100 Private Enterprises in Science and Technology Innovation

2019 Transform Awards - Gold

2019 Financial Times China Innovative Enterprise

2019 “Top 100 Chinese Science and Technology Enterprises” Award by China Entrepreneur

2019 “Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises” Award by Securities Times

2018 “Annual High-growth Enterprise” Awards in the seedling list by Securities Times

2017 Deloitte China Rising Star Awards

Genetron Health Genetron Health Management
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  • Chongqing
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    Genetron Health Technologies Inc.

    6 Davis Drive. Research Triangle Park. North Carolina. U.S.A

    Tel: +1 919 964 3638


  • 1-2/F, Building 11, Zone 1, 8 Life Science Parkway, Changping District, Beijing, China.

    Tel: +86 10 5090 7521


  • 1F,Building 2,111 Gaoyi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China

    Tel:+86 21 6070 5728


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